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A Big Blue bird

I’ve been tweeted by IBM – via the BPM Network, admittedly – announcing the latest news on IBM’s community for BPM process fiends, BPM BlueWorks (beta). I’m glad I caught it because BPM BlueWorks looks like it could add real value – and it’s only 3 weeks old (always nice to catch innovation early).

The idea seems to be that companies are encouraged to join the community, each operating within its own private area, with employees defining and sharing process strategies, capabilities and definitions with fellow employees. At the same time employees can break out into communal areas, to blog and discuss issues that they – most likely – have in common with other similar groups. A great deal of relevant content (including white papers, process maps, case studies) has already been made available by IBM itself, and a partnership with APQC has added more.

It’ll be interesting to see how this develops. Perhaps it will particularly appeal to BPM champions within smaller organizations that lack an existing, coherent process repository. The tools, combined with the community, should be attractive. I can also imagine it being useful to BPM specialists within larger organizations, such as those already participating in a BPM Centre of Excellence, though more as one information source amongst many.

I’d write more, but although I could register for the site, logging on – to access full functionality – proved impossible due to ‘temporary capacity problems’. Looks like the marketing tweeters are slightly ahead of the rest of the big blue bird. Never mind, I’ll try again later….


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  1. * Simon Spencer says:

    This is not a particularly new idea. Many tool / BPMS software vendors are trying to claim the high ground in process content. (Check out Aris Community and Process Factory for examples). We have had industry reference models available for years (e.g. SCOR, ETOM) but they haven’t set the BPM world on fire.

    I see this as a bit of a ‘me too’ from IBM, but if they reach a critical mass in contributions of content, then maybe this new initiative will deliver on its promise.

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 11 months ago
  2. * Nick Kingsbury says:

    This continues to be a compelling notion however the practicalities have caused most initiatives to stall.

    If one BPM user publishes their processes it is likely that the specifics of their organisation (structure, focus, priorities, user responsibilities) make it impossible for the process to be used by another.

    You only stand a chance in my humble opinion, if the process or application is conceived from the start to be used by many organisation, and therefore lacks rigidity. Its should be built as an application and probably will not be described as a BPM or workflow system.

    An interesting example of a collaborative policy document creation process for local government is uCreate from Limehouse Software (now acquired by Objective Corporation; I am on the board of both organisation). See http://www.limehousesoftware.com. This also happens to be a hosted SaaS deployment model.

    Its all about the application and the value proposition and no talk of BPM middleware, though buried in there is a BPM system of sorts.

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 11 months ago
  3. * Ezra says:

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    | Reply Posted 2 years, 11 months ago
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