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Hi – I’m David Moser. I have 20 years experience in the BPM arena, from the early days of ‘procedure processing’ in the late 80s through ‘workflow’ in the 90s and ‘BPM’ today. Right now I lead the BPM Systems practice for a professional services company here in Australia. If you want to read a longer life story, jump down a few paras to ‘the full monty’.

When I started working with BPM – well, workflow really, and we called it procedure processing back then – every project was a journey to the technical frontier, and every sales event a high wire act. The great thing was that we believed in what we were doing, and that the technical innovations that we demonstrated would bring business benefits.

And they did, and still do. The base technology is now solid to the point of being boring (the ultimate compliment from an ops manager – though frankly there is still some ‘interest’ out there). And whilst a BPM project is rarely easy – it usually touches too many people and systems to avoid some complexity and challenge – using a team that includes individuals with previous BPM experience at all levels will almost always result in a successful deployment.

That said, I can’t help feeling that we are still some way from realising all of that original vision, particularly in relation to ‘agility’ and ‘full cycle process management’. This is not a confession of failure – far from it. It is simply a recognition that there is still a lot to play for, both on the part of product vendors and – at least until products are fully up to scratch – system designers.

So that will be a focus of this blog – looking for and reporting on innovation relevant to BPM. In addition I will add a few thoughts on running BPM projects (not that the world is particularly short of online advice on that score, but what the heck – I might actually say something new) and no doubt, just occasionally, I’ll go completely off-subject.

By the way, when I’m not BPM-ing I’m a baritone in the Sydney University Graduate Choir, and their serving Publicity Officer, a regular, slow but determined swimmer at my local Olympic outdoor pool and a wondering participant in the natural landscapes of Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches, where we live.

To contact me please email here.

The full monty….

I moved with my family to Sydney from the UK in 2001, and ‘hands on’ roles in Australia have included BPM advisor to the Project Steering Committee, and Staffware iProcess technical lead, for the first, foundational phases of an enterprise program for a major life insurer, and IT Project Manager for the first three releases of an enterprise roll-out of FileNet P8 at a ‘big four’ bank.

Other particularly significant BPM clients in Australia and the UK have included two of Australia’s other ‘big four’ banks; a major US bank; two of the ‘big four’ UK banks; two major UK P&C and one life insurer.

Recent activities and roles have included BPM Centre of Excellence set-up; project management; process review and improvement; business case development; process architecture, whilst his roles in the UK covered process analysis and definition, integration and management; through to technical account management and technical pre-sales consulting.

I have spoken at many industry events and seminars over the years, and have had detailed discussions with literally scores of companies at differing stages of the BPM project lifecycle.

In terms of BPM technologies, I have historically been most closely associated with Staffware/Tibco, and in recent years have worked closely with IBM/FileNet. Other products that have particularly featured in my career to date include Pegasystems; Lombardi; Peoplesoft, Singularity and JBPM. I have also taken a keen interest in related technologies such as Rules Management Systems (such as Corticon, iLog, Pega) and Document Management Systems (FileNet, Tower and others).

I was previously MD of my own company, BPM Futures; Director of BPM, and then MD/Partner, with BearingPoint Australia; Technical Account Manager and Principal Consultant with Staffware plc and Staffware Pty Ltd; Senior Solutions Manager and shareholder in Software Support Limited, a Staffware reseller.

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